Tyler Royce vs. Ty Alexander

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During a recent shoot, Ty Alexander whispered in my ear, "put me in there with Tyler and you won't regret it." Bold of Ty, but I trust him, so I did exactly that. Immediately following the match I took to twitter to praise Mr. Alexander as being one of the best jobbers I've ever seen. 

Prettyboy vs. Badass. Tyler vs. Ty. Gymfit Royce judges Alexander too soon, grabbing a fistful of that greenish mohawk.

“You’re not even in my league,” he whispers. “You’re not fit to lace my boots.” 

Alexander eats the mat like a pro, enduring an agonizing camel clutch. Suddenly we realize this isn’t some give-and-take battle. It’s a bully fight, and pretty boy Royce is the bully. Alexander gets dragged around the mat like a pathetic sack of sorrow, only ever managing to spit out a lackluster “fuck you” before being beaten, battered, cornered, punched, and insulted. 

Royce turns to gym teacher insults, demanding the weaker Alexander perform situps, only to slap the shit out of his exposed chest. Insults directed toward Alexander’s appearance, personal style, and even his mom leads to a straddled, face slapping session where every wrong answer earns him a palm to the face. Unfortunately for Alexander, nothing he says is right. 

Backbreakers...boots ground into necks...aggressive hair pulling, armpit smothering, and every humiliation in the book will leave you looking at Tyler Royce in an all new way.  

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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Daniel Romero

it is always amazing to watch Ty work/get worked over.

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