Tyler Royce vs. Jobe Zander (Domination)

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I've known Jobe for over a decade...and I've been a fan of his since we met. He's one of the top underground wrestling heels...and he will probably get upset that I said that. He'd claim to be number 1 and there is certainly arguments for his reign over the other underground heels, especially in this match against pretty boy, Tyler Royce. 

The match starts out with a friendly-enough lock up, but that doesn't last more than a second before Jobe cheap shots his way onto the offensive. Tyler's body is beautifully bent, battered and nearly broken by the veteran. Jobe is methodical in his assault. He even dares the rookie pro wrestler to fight back knowing that Tyler has no shot at taking over the bout.

Jobe does an incredible job punishing and displaying Tyler for your viewing pleasure. The blonde-haired heartthrob is forced to suffer, while his body is being presented to us. 

Mr. Zander ends the destruction with a suspended surfboarded that drives Tyler to submit...but that isn't enough for Jobe, who quickly applies a Kiss of Death sleeper hold, which lowers the pretty boy onto the mat. The final straw is a classic sleeper hold that finishes the job and leaves Tyler spread out, cock up, for the final fall.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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Frank Patete
Great match

great video

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