Tristan Baldwin vs. Ty Alexander (My Nuts, Bro)

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I’ve known Tristan for about 12 years now. He’s always in great shape and ready for action. 

This match takes place in my friend’s basement with a friend of mine, Ty Alexander. Ty is very versatile. He can be a jobber, or heel, or do competitive matches. I think my favorite Ty matches tend to be the one’s with a little eroticism in them. So this one definitely fits the bill.

Tristan and Ty waste no time going on the assault to each others balls. The taunts and trash talk is very sexual and fun. The perfect basement wrestling match. 

Tristan’s ripped and muscular body are extremely easy on the eyes. Ty’s personality and wrestling style help show it off in the proper light. Muscles and bulges being punished and played with. This torture hits so close to home that I winced numerous times during the filming of this and every time I’ve watched it since. 

I think I gotta place Ty in my Top 10 of favorite underground wrestlers. 

As the match progresses, it appears as if the guys should’ve just worn thongs, as the bikini briefs they chose to wear are pulled tightly in between their ass cheeks revealing two great butts. 

The fun must end at some point, but you can do what I’ve done. Start the movie all over again and enjoyed it a second…and third…or fourth time. This may be an all-time classic in the fetish wrestling world.

Total Run-time: 24 minutes, 45 seconds

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