TrevThor vs. John Bronco (Muscle Worship)

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If there is one thing that Bronco seems to really love doing, it is looking at himself in the mirror.  Never one to miss a chance to see exactly how built he is, the sight of himself even seems to get himself a little.....excited.....I would say.  In fact, in the background, we find Trev Thor, who also seems to be ....enjoying....the view.  Bronco calls Trev over and tells him to do a little muscle worship and before you know it, Trev is kissing the incredible bi-ceps of Bronco over and over.  No content with just the bi-ceps, Trev's hands soon move to probe and examine Bronco's abs as well.
Before long the pair move to the ring, where the muscle worship continues, until Trev pulls a fast one and slaps on a sleeper hold on the muscular Bronco.  Slowly the air leaves Bronco and he falls to the mat, where Trev removes his shorts and finds the object of his worship fast asleep, on his back, in the middle of the ring, unable to defend himself.  Still stroking himself through his own speedo, Trev is surprised when Bronco awakens and is not too happy with Trev running his hands all over his body.  Picking Trev up, Bronco soon has him over his knee for a backbreaker.
But Trev is very resourceful.  He is able to quickly once again gain control after he lulls Bronco into letting his guard down with more muscle worship.  Although Bronco gets a quick advantage with a beahug, Trev once more slaps on the great equalizer in the form of a sleeper hold and the big man hits the mat once more.  As Trev's left hand is feeling up Bronco, his right is taking care of the excitement going on in his speedo. 
A very seductive video between two Greek gods.  Trev's left pec may have the tattoo, "Veni, Vidi, Vici" for "I came, I saw, I conquered", but he may have to change that to, "I saw, I conquered, I came".
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 56 seconds

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