Todd the Rod vs. Leo Sasuke

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Hairy, geeky camp counselor-type Todd bounds into his battle with sexy Leo Sasuke like he knows exactly what he’s doing. Leo doesn’t hold back, slapping the hairy bro’s body so hard you can hear the crack of flesh-on-flesh. Todd is pounded into the floor, tossing his head in agony. Leo rolls his eyes at the pathetic opponent, who raises his fists like a dizzy boxer and crushes Leo’s neck in short-lived vengeance.

The two beefy boys lockup and roll, Todd’s hairy gut pounded, his hair pulled as he’s pushed into the corner and kicked repeatedly by Leo’s booted feet. Todd is hoisted into the air, tossed to the floor with ease, and choked. He staggers to his feet, only to taste floor again. It is truly unbelievable how much punishment he takes. His chest and gut turning red from the repeated slaps and kicks.

Leo delivers his punishments with a black face, never stopping, except to tease at sitting on his opponent’s face...only to hoist him into the air again and press down on his chest with seething silence. Soon both big boys are covered in sweat, and the abuse moves into a more intimate kind of agony. In time, the pattern becomes almost a familiar dance, with each man accepting his role with grace. But Todd’s not done yet. He finds his metal and manages to rage against the machine that is Leo. This fight ends in a sweat stained face-sitting schoolboy pin...but who will claim that victorious pose...and who will end up with a face full of balls?

Total Run Time: 20 minutes, 42 seconds

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Great match!!!

I’ve enjoyed Todd matches in the past but he’s just exceptional here against Leo. It’s obvious that both men have pro training and we get some great moves and selling throughout the match!

There’s a great contrast between the two men’s bodies We have Todd’s pearl white skin covering his thin, sinewy frame and mat of dark chest hair leading down to a treasure trail, then we have Leo with his tanned and beefy stature just pummeling Rod in the first half of the match. Todd takes a lot of high intensity slams in the beginning then Leo finally starts working him in the corner. It looks like Todd gets a hope spot about two thirds through so who do you think wins?

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