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Cash Kellogg versus Drew Harper

Some people have "trigger" words or phrases that when they hear them, they just make them lose total control of themselves.  Apparently for Drew Harper, that is telling him that he is "soft".  Cash is posing when Drew comes upon him and they start comparing each other.  Cash makes the mistake of telling Drew that he is "too soft" and before you knew it, Drew has a handful of Cash's throat as he has him up against the wall.  One hand becomes two hands and then become forearms, each furthering to restrict the flow of air into Cash's lungs.  Cash is visibly compromised as you see his eyes begin to roll to the back of his head, teetering to unconsciousness.
Drew isn't down though.  When he releases him and Cash falls to floor, the beatdown is only just beginning.  A leg scissor on Cash's head and neck serves to further deprive him of oxygen.  Cash attempts to mount some offense, but a lowblow from Drew quickly turns it around and once again Cash is lying prone on the ground, this time with Drew's shin placed firmly across his throat.  Finally Drew declares that he has won the bout, and he attempts to reconcile with Cash.  It was all payback for the last match when Cash choked Drew out, he tells Cash, no hard feeling, right?
Cash agrees and asks for a hug from Drew, and once he has him close to himself, Cash's true motives come out and he turns the tables on Drew, beginning his own series of chokeout maneuvers which work even more effectively than Drew's did.  It is the ultimate payback within the same match, and one which, if you enjoy seeing Drew get his comeuppance (and really, who doesn't?) you will enjoy immensely.  Two very fit individuals with multiple chokeouts of each other is the order of the day here.
Total running time:  18 minutes, 32 seconds

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