Steven Roman vs. Max Quivers

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Steven Roman is a swarthy, sweaty, dark and dreamy hunk of hard muscle and raven hair. His nipples stand at attention, and his biceps pop with a veiny musculature. He’s boyishly handsome with his dimpled chin, but the body is that of a man in his prime. He’s taken a lot of punishment in his time at Wrestler4Hire… but maybe this will be his moment of victory. Wait, he’s fighting Max Quivers? Never mind.

The masked, demented Quivers plows Roman over silently, crushing his hard musclegut, then forcing his arms over his head, exposing deep, sexy armpits. Quivers moans as he puts on the pain, showing that it ain’t easy to outmuscle Roman. Roman’s sweaty, raven hair swings as he rocks back and forth looking for an out. He falls, and Quivers falls on top, grinding him into the floor with his own clenching strength.

It’s a rollicking, rolling, teeth-clenching fight between two thick fighters. Quivers is unafraid to used dirty moves, and Roman can take a LOT. Suit on bare skin, bodies pulled into teardrop shapes. Excruciating pain. Can Roman outsmart and out fight the notorious Max Quivers, or is the suited assassin destined for yet another dirty victory?

Run Time: 18 minutes, 42 seconds

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