Scrappy vs. Jacob Van Acker (Rip and Strip)

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Scrappy comes at Jacob, wearing jeans and a white wife-beater, looking like a young Marlon Brando. Jacob responds by tearing the muscular stud’s shirt with a satisfying rip! Jacob’s own black wife-beater and shorts are doomed. These barefoot boys of summer are out to roll, ruin, rumble, and riiiip!

Jacob finds himself cameled, Boston crabbed, and ridden like a pony as a furious, growling, beast-like Scrappy goes to town on the punk’s clothes, reducing his tank to nothing but ribbons of cheap cotton while squeezing the life out of him with his powerful thighs. With nipples popping out of his ruined shirt, Scrappy screams and rages with each and every rip Jacob attempts to inflict on his clothes.

Scrappy goes ballistic! With his jeans hanging in shreds, Scrappy cradles Jacob, forcing his dirty feet into the camera as their legs tangle in erotic rage. Soon Jacob is stripped down to nothing but a pair of red Calvin Kleins, as an enraged and sweaty Scrappy pulls his hair, tosses his body around, shoves him into ropes, and pounds the hell out of his abs. Once both men are completely stripped down to their underwear, the gloves are really off, in this steamy, sexy, rough and raunchy rip and strip struggle!

Runtime: 20 minutes, 46 seconds

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Scrappy the Dominator!!

Love to see that Scrappy gets to show his stuff by dominating the hell on Jacob!!
Drooling to watch the whole "match"!!

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