Scrappy vs. Golden Terror

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Absolute PURE destruction! 

No doubt about it, Scrappy is an impressive specimen of a human being. His physique is second to none. And yet, when it comes to the Golden Terror, the size of the man dwarfs anyone else in the ring that even Scrappy is unable to mount even the smallest amount of resistance to the Golden Terror’s assaults. And this isn’t any normal, run of the mill beatdown. Scrappy is thrown around the ring in a way he rarely, if ever, has been. Golden Terror is sadistic in his methods, pulling and twisting Scrappy in ways that the wrestler is not meant t be pulled or twisted. Golden Terror takes special delight in pulling the speedo of Scrappy up both in the front and from the back, causing the flag speedo to become like a thong on the hard bodied Scrappy.

The physical abuse of Scrappy is so intense that at one point the camera man, our own Cameron, cautions the Golden Terror to take it easy on the defenseless Scrappy. Suffice it to say that the diabolical Golden Terror does not take kindly to Cameron butting in to his match and so instead only amps up the punishment with several piledrivers. Cameron continues to protest and warn the Golden Terror, which so infuriates his that he then moves to expose a corner of the ring down to it’s wooden plank surface.

Just as you think he will use this on Scrappy the Golden Terror then does the unthinkable and attacks Cameron behind the camera. Dropping the camera, Cameron is then dragged into the ring and becomes the focus of the Golden Terror’s assaults. A new cameraman picks up the action as we see Cameron stripped of his t-shirt and then piledriven into the exposed wood in the ring. Virtually out, the Golden Terror then removes Cameron’s jeans until he is just wearing a white speedo. A punishing ball grab and then subjected to the same trunk pulling as Scrappy had experienced earlier, Cameron is choked and then sleepered out. One final pile driver and Cameron is placed on top of the unconscious Scrappy. A devastating beating of two of W4H best combatants!

Classic 80's style pro wrestling at its' finest.

Total Running Time: 28 minutes, 38 seconds


Customer Reviews

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I would give it a 10 if I could

Was such a hot match. Seeing Scrappy get squashed and his beautiful body and ass getting destroyed. Then a bonus of Sexy Cameron coming in and getting destroyed and seeing Cameron suffer and his award winning ass.....

Best Squash match I have seen..

Big Poppa
Sexy sleeper on Cam

Damn I would pay to get Cam on my sleeperhold in his tightie whities anytime 😈😴😴😴

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