Scrappy vs. Cash (Bro Battle)

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What begins as a comparison on measurements of arms, chest and legs between Scrappy and Cash quickly devolves into a test of wills between the two cocky wrestlers. An early advantage by Cash is countered by the wily Scrappy and he soon has the bigger man on the mat and his head between his powerful thighs. But Cash isn’t done yet and reverses things again to put some more hurt on the blue speedo clad Scrappy.

Intense mat wrestling sees each fighter grab the upper hand at different points. Every time one thinks they have the other at their mercy, the other will counter and put on the hurt. Similar in measurements from the start, they find that they are also even when it comes to mat wrestling. At time both wrestlers beautifully display the other for the camera to take them in and see the suffering. Bodies are bent in ways they are not meant to bend, muscles are stretched in ways they were not meant to stretch. And we, the viewer are the beneficiaries of these beautiful sights.

But in the end, only one can be victorious and the loser finally succumbs to a devastating head scissors and is forced to tap. Will it be the relative newcomer Cash or the wily veteran Scrappy? You’ll have to watch to find out which one comes out on top!

Total Running time: 20 minutes, 27 seconds

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