Scrappy vs. Calvin Rogers

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Calvin Rodgers is a legit wrestling talent. Handsome is a very approachable way, a little big on the beefy side, with a cocky smile. Scrappy is the muscle bound stud of the ring, but looks strangely short when next to Cal. After some trademarked Scrappy trashtalk, Calvin digs into the musclepunk. Scrappy has a tendency to get super inflated when he’s pissed off, which only makes him easier to beat. Calvin slaps Scrappy around, pissing him off even more. 

Soon Calvin has him in a sleeper, which only makes Scrappy struggle and strain, his expressive face looking strangely hot as he resists and ultimately goes out. Calvin Rogers is almost blank and demented in face as he tosses Scrappy to the mat facefirst, then pulls him up by his curls. Scrappy resists, rages...but finds himself in yet another sleeper hold. Seems Calvin has a special appreciation for putting his opponents in this killer hold. 

Suddenly, Calvin switches his tactics, lifting, hoisting, dragging, and throwing Scrappy around like he’s no heavier than an old rag. Knees to balls are his next demented tactic, before he launches into full pro mode...only to always pull Scrappy back into a sleeper hold by his hair. Get ready to see muscular Scrappy begging, cursing, sobbing in total desperation, while the once sweet seeming Calvin regards his opponent’s pain with psychopathic removal from the situation. So twisted! And not to be missed if you’re into a sweaty facesitting final count. 

Total Runtime - 22 minutes, 17 seconds

Customer Reviews

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Scrappy is sooooooo hot!!

Scrappy is the definition of an Adonis! His body is toned, tanned and muscular. His abs look like they’re chiseled out of stone and his pecs are meaty and topped by the cutest nipples ever!

He’s an amazing wrestler who knows how to sell his opponent’s moves! He suffers beautifully in this video. In the end, he suffers a tombstone piledriver and is pinned for a ten count with Calvin’s hands on his pecs and nipples. It’s made even better by the fact that Scrappy sweats during the match and it glistens all over his unconscious body!

Cruel Calvin dominates every minute

With a methodical and focused intensity, Calvin Rogers makes Scrappy suffer throughout this incredible match. Calvin also shows amazing power as he lifts Scrappy up to his chest three separate times , each followed by bringing Scrappy's back down hard across Calvin's knee. Yes, with the crushing power of his biceps, Calvin tortures Scrappy with multiple sleepers. The almost passive expression on Calvin's handsome face shows he's in total control and accustomed to being the alpha male.

Calvin Rogers decimates Scrappy

What a superb match. Calvin totally ruins Scrappy in a beautiful one sided squash match. Scrappy was nothing more than a plaything for Calvin. 10/10

Amazing squash

Great match for anyone into squashes. Calvin is a great heel and really makes Scrappy suffer. It just gets more brutal as the match goes. Scrappy never stood a chance. The best part is half way through the match when Calvin stops even pretneding to take it seriously and smiles as he keep working over Scrappy. Great performances from both wrestlers. Worth every penny!

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