Ricky Vegas (Flex & Pose Video)

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It has been said that big things can come in little packages.  This is no more rue when discussing the person who is Ricky Vegas.  Although small in stature, Ricky has always portrayed larger than life characters in whatever video he has done for W4H. 
Here we get a chance to see just Ricky, posing and letting the camera see him in ways that he has not before.  As you will see, Ricky is a person who obviously takes great care in making sure he has an impressive physical appearance.  Not a hair out of place, Ricky keeps his body toned and his attitude even more sharp. 
Here take a chance to get to see just Ricky, in all his physical glory, just you, him and the camera.....you'll be glad you did!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 11 minutes, 35 seconds

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