Rexx vs. Cameron

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Whenever a new rookie comes on the scene it is mandatory that they have a match with the Champ.  Cameron wants to see what type of skill the new guy brings.  Is he someone Cameron should worry about?  Is it someone Cameron can basically throw as a sacrificial lamb to his biggest and meanest wrestlers?  Exactly what are their talents?  What are their weaknesses?  The only way to truly know is to go one on one with them in the squared circle and get the lowdown on what the rookie can do.  In this case, it is the powerful and hairy chested grappler known as Rexx.
What begins as Cameron trash talking (because, why wouldn't it?  The new guy needs the initiation of being trash talked by the Champ), turns into a series of behind the back arm locks.  Rexx and Cameron trade arm locks.  Some end up in the corner and are broken only to be reapplied right away.  Some morph into full nelsons.  When Cameron becomes the victim of a suplex by Rexx, he knows that he should no longer take this gentleman lightly.  At that point a rake of the eyes and repeated elbow drops leave the newbie hurting on the mat.
After the third and final elbow drop, the Champ slaps on a Cobra Clutch on the big man and then transforms that into an abdominal stretch and then a figure leglock.  Basically, the Champ is telling the youngster, "I have been doing this for more than 15 years and you ain't got nothing."  Cameron has forgotten more pro moves than Rexx will ever know, and the Champ subjects Rexx to sleeper after sleeper after sleeper until finally the big man is left laying on the mat, waking up only to gasp for air and feel his own chest hoping to find some relief.  Unfortunately for Rexx, his debut was against one of the legends of the underground wrestling world, but maybe he learned a trick or two!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  23 minutes, 20 seconds

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