Red Marvel vs. Shock Spark (Nude)

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As we join this video, Red Marvel has already been captured and is strapped to a gurney as the evil Shock Spark comes in carrying two important items: 1.) A shock machine that he uses on his captive repeatedly, and 2.) A mystery lantern that when activated, seems to almost fill Red Marvel with new power, reinvigorating him.  This, Shock Spark uses very sparingly.  Telling Red Marvel that he must divulge his secrets, the more Red Marvel denies he has any secrets, the more Shock Spark uses his shock machine on the prone hero.  Thrusting it into his midsection, into his upper thigh and other places, the effect is to cause Red Marvel to scream in unspeakable pain.  And yet, our villain alternates that with his healing lantern, making sure to turn it off before Red Marvel can recuperate too much.
Shock Spark decides to take the torture up a notch and threatens to drain Red Marvel of all his powers with a villainous IV that will do the trick.  He shoves the end of the IV into Red Marvels red speedo and then begins the torture anew.  As if to add to the humiliation, Shock Spark then strips Red Marvel of his speedo and we have a nude helpess hero laying on the gurney.  As Shock Spark once more comes around and activates the healing lantern, he gets a bit too close to his tied down captive and before he knows it, the massive hand of Red Marvel is firmly around his throat and Red Marvel escapes his capture and has the much smaller villain in his grasp.
Red Marvel turns the tables and before you know it, Shock Spark is tied down and Red Marvel is over his captive.  As if to imply he can give as well as get, our hero strips Shock Spark of his black speedo and begins to taunt him.  Taking that draining IV from earlier, he shoves it into Shock Sparks groin to let it do it's trick.  Completely overwhelmed now, Shock Spark can no longer fight back or defend himself, and Red Marvel turns his enemy over, grabs a can of spray paint, and spray paints "FOOL" on the back of Red Marvel, with a target and bullseye around Shock Sparks asshole for good measure. 
I think Shock Spark may think twice about taking on any more heroes in the near future, he has a prolonger period of recovery ahead of him.  A nude hero (who is almost like a greek statue) and a nude villain make for one very exciting experience.  You will be glad you watch this one!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  18 minutes, 06 seconds

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Super hot!

What's not to like about this video? Joey Nux is tied down and stripped naked. That guy has one sexy hot body! If you are a fan of his, you gotta get this!

You'll want to see more of these two men in action. ;)

Hot, I love the body types of both these men. They look incredible in and out of their "super suits". But, get them naked, and the level of heat goes way up! ;)
Cons--Maybe, I'm spoiled to the steady camera angles? (The 2 types of views we get from any modern t.v. show and/or theatrical release). With that preface, let me say. The cameraman needs direction and a steadier view. Poor guy is all over the place. Was it the excitement of trying to film the heat of the featured men in action to much for him?
I want to see more of these two men. Do you agree?

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