Red Jay vs. The Stretcher

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In the realm of hero versus villain, conflicts sometimes arise not driven by lofty ideals or the fate of cities or worlds, but simply to determine who is the stronger individual. Such is the case when Red Jay finds himself challenged by the Stretcher in the ring. A test of strength unfolds, and it doesn't take long for Red Jay to be brought to his knees and then bent backward as the Stretcher seizes control. Utilizing his cape, the villain chokes Red Jay, causing the hero to collapse onto the canvas. Knees to the arm and punches to the abdomen rain down upon Red Jay, making it abundantly clear from the outset which of the two combatants possesses superior strength. Red Jay becomes the unwilling recipient of swift and relentless punishment, rendering him incapable of mounting any counterattack against the Stretcher. By the time the Stretcher is through, Red Jay will consider himself fortunate if he can even walk out of the ring.

But the Stretcher is far from finished with Red Jay. Trapped in a modified Tree of Woe, with his legs suspended upside down in the corner, Red Jay's vulnerable abs become easy targets for the villain's merciless assault. The Stretcher then employs Red Jay's own cape, slinging the hero over his shoulder to inflict further torment upon his back. It becomes evident that the Stretcher is no stranger to the wrestling world as he transitions seamlessly from one hold to another, each more agonizing and devastating than the last, each designed not only to weaken but also to humiliate Red Jay.

Humiliation reigns supreme throughout the match. At times, Red Jay appears to be mere semblance of his former self, barely recognizing his opponent, just moments before the Stretcher once again lives up to his name, contorting Red Jay's body in ways that defy human flexibility.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 24 minutes, 04 seconds

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