Purple Phantom vs. Blue Baller

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The action begins in the remnants of an old abandoned train-yard.  We find BlueBaller, already captured, tied to a chair, at the mercy of the sadistic Purple Phantom.  It is not long before we realize that Purple Phantom has electric powers that he uses to further subdue and punish Blue Baller.  Shock after shock keep Blue Baller dazed and confused, unable to mount any defense.  It becomes readily apparent that Blue Baller is in way over his head, and the only thing he can hope for is that he manages to escape with his life!  There are no guarantees!
Shock after shock leaves our hero virtually unconscious, and yet Purple Phantom continues his assault.  Bungie cords are used to further restrain the helpless hero and also widen his smile (against his will).  In a truly humiliating move, Phantom widens Baller's legs and then delivers a field goal kick that leaves Blue Baller speechless.  Finally untied from the chair, Blue Baller's fate fares no better as Purple Phantom keeps his arch enemy on his knees, with one exception of when he stands him up...all the better to deliver a low blow and watch Blue Baller collapse to the ground.
Face first into a standing chair, millions of volts of electricity shot through his skull, Blue Baller becomes nothing more than a toy for Purple Phantom, a plaything to do with as he pleases.  Forced to experience the ultimate humiliation or having his mask removed for all to see his true identity, Blue Baller is then trussed up with the Bungie cords and rope, tied into a nice package for Purple Phantom to end his torment.  Although this session is ending, the sound of a nearby train gives Purple Phantom even more ideas, and Blue Baller is hauled off over Purple Phantom's shoulder, onto to whatever fate awaits him at the hands of Purple Phantom.  An amazing video with incredible special effects, you will not want to miss this video!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 02 seconds

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