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Travis Maverick versus Drew Harper

Travis Maverick - the W4H stud who flared bright hot, quickly becoming a favorite amongst the W4H viewers.  Here, in a video with Drew Harper, we see the pair enter into a contest to see who is the true king of sleeper holds.  Drew thinks he is, because the "internet says so" while Travis claims it is him.  They decide to have a contest, first one to put their opponent out 4 times can claim the title and surely laud it over their opponent ad nauseum. 

As the pair are just getting prepared, Drew sneaks a blow to the midsection, softening up Travis, and allowing his to get the upper hand in the bout.  After more midsection blows, Drew goes in for the strike and slaps on a sleeper on the prone Maverick, but releases it just as Travis is about to go to sleep.  But the respite is only momentary.  Soon, Drew has slapped his sleeper back on and the first fall goes to the blond stud.  Travis comes back when they are both upright again, but he cannot seem to keep on the offensive for very long and once again Drew has slapped on another sleeper.  Slowly, very slowly, he slips away from the waking world and into the sleeping world.  Drew has claimed his second win. 

Can Travis come storming back, or is Drew destined to pull off a clean sweep in the battle, and claim the title of "King of the sleeper holds" and validate the internet?  You'll have to watch to find out!
Toal running time:  23 minutes, 53 seconds

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