Night Howler vs. Torpedo Lad & Voice Box (Hypno Tickle)

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Sometimes the hero is just where we want him when a video begins.....already tied down and at our villain's mercy.  Such is the case here with Night Howler, obviously not coming to as he finds himself in a pretty bad situation.  Luckily, his partner Torpedo Lad arrives to help him escape, but as he begins to untie Night Howler, a mysterious voice off screen together with a sinister mist turn Torpedo Lad into an unwilling slave.  The more mist he inhales, the further he falls under the villains control, who instructs Torpedo Lad to feel his partners muscles.  Unwilling to resist, Torpedo Lad goes about his commanded task.

As Torpedo Lad digs his hands in deeper and deeper into NIght Howler's flesh, the captured hero awakens, just to hear the disembodied off screen voice tell Torpedo Lad to begin a tickling torture of the bound stud.  He begins by applying a hairbrush, just gently passing it over Night Howler's skin.  When Torpedo Lad is told to remove Night Howler's boots, he does so without resistance or complaint.  With one boot off, and donning a pair of rubber gloves, now Night Howler's foot is the target of Torpedo Lad's ticklish attack.   But there is even a bigger turn of events ahead!

Suddenly we hear a new voice off screen and we realize that we have been listening to an "underling" thus far, and the truly diabolical villain has only just arrived.  He barks orders even louder and quicker than his subordinate, and demands Night Howler's other boot be removed, and that both feet be tickled at the same time.  The brush is once again put into play as Torpedo Lad moves it up and down Night Howler's midsection, his armpits and his legs.  There is little either hero can do to fight back or resist. In the end, one last dose of the villainous mist puts both Night Howler and Torpedo Lad down for the count, and Torpedo Lad collapses, his head resting on Night Howler's midsection, our villains off to whatever diabolical plan they have next!

Total running time:  22 minutes, 47 seconds

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