Nero vs. John Wolfboy (Nude)

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Wrestling can be, by its very nature, an erotic endeavor.  Two bodies (at least) intertwined, sweat pouring off of them, each combatant vying for domination over their opponent.  What raises the wrestling from just an air of eroticism to full blown eroticism is when the domination occurs not just physically, but emotionally, psychologically and yes, sexually.  Here we have two wrestlers who have had their share of erotic matches in the past, John Wolfboy and Nero.  Both are determined not just to win, but to show the other they are the alpha male by sexually dominating the other.
Anyone who has seen a match with Nero knows he likes to push the boundaries.  Never afraid to put his tongue, or finger, in places where they may not be at first welcome, to Nero this is part of his psychological domination.  When he feels as though his opponent is at their most vulnerable, he will go in for an extended lip-lock, daring his foe to resist.  In the case of John Wolfboy, although there is some resistance at first, eventually he capitulates and even manages to do some pretty sexually charged moves of his own.  Let's just say that there isn't a part of either wrestler's body that isn't explored by their opponent's tongue or mouth.
But there can only be one alpha male, right?  One who stands over the other, having ravished them not only physically but sexually as well.  Forced to service the other, the loser, in some strange way, also gets to win as well, as they are allowed to probe the body of their new master.  When the winner tells them to "join them in their bedroom later", I can only imagine that instead of dread, the loser of the match is feeling intense anticipation at what may occur in just a little while.  Two sexually charged wrestlers at the top of the erotic wrestling game make this one a winner for everyone, especially you the viewer!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  25 minutes. 35 seconds

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