Meaty vs. Tanner Ripley

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Tanner Ripley is not a pushover.  As anyone can see, he definitely has some pretty defined musculature and obviously takes good care of himself.  However, in the ring against Meaty, there is little to no comparison.  Meaty has an impressive upper body, with the muscles in his arms and forearms to back up anything he may want to bring to the ring.  Tanner, however, is not impressed.  Perhaps he should have been.  When he tries to get in the face of Meaty. he immediately finds himself in the clutches of a reverse bearhug, and then down on the mat, with Meaty on top of him, dishing out the punishment.
When Meaty has Tanner down, he orders Tanner to worship, and what follows is a session of muscle worship, from Tanner kissing the muscles of Meaty to his massaging Meaty's impressive pecs.  Meaty has more plans for Tanner though, and he begins to stretch Tanner in ways that I am not sure Tanner has been stretched before.  A full nelson on the mat turns into a sleeper hold and suddenly Tanner is snoring, unaware of what fate awaits him.  Meaty has more ideas though and awakens Tanner just to place his head between his thick thighs.
An over the back backbreaker followed by successive over the knee backbreakers and the beginning of the end is upon Tanner.  Several sleeper holds that deprive Tanner of air almost put him out on several more occasions, only for Meaty to release them at the last minute, knowing that Tanner will be in no condition to put up any defense.  When the final sleeper hold achieves it's desired effect, Meaty feels completely satisfied that he has shown his young opponent exactly who owns the ring, and what it will take for anyone to enter into it to submit to.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  27 minutes, 33 seconds

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