Max Ryder vs. Gabe Steele (My Nuts, Bro)

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Gabe Steele and Max Ryder have both developed quite a resume in the underground wrestling scene. Willing to fight anyone, anywhere, never one to back down, the two hit the mat with the same attitude. Gabe starts the trash talking and before long, before anyone has even declared it to be such, a vicious prolonged attack on each wrestler’s nuts has begun.

Crotch grabs, knees, and feet to the groin and even one wrestler biting the nuts to get out of school boy pin are just some of the ways the pair have devised to try and put the hurt on their opponent. Max’s purple speedo is soon wedged up his ass crack (a predicament he often finds himself in) and Gabe turns to also choking out the stud to gain a further advantage.

These type of matches are often won by which of the entrants is willing to be the more sadistic in their tactics. Although Max shows some signs of deviousness, Gabe has repeatedly demonstrated that he has no hesitation to go where he needs to to win a match. After a full 20 plus minutes of excruciating nut torture for the two, one is finally sent off to dreamland and our winner is decided.

Total Run-Time: 24 minutes, 19 seconds

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