Max Ryder vs. DJ Beckham Jr

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DJ Beckham is doing security checks and Max is his next target. When DJ find Max’s cellphone, he uncovers Max may be engaging in some “extracurricular” activities with DJ’s girlfriend! Which does NOT sit well with DJ.

What follows is a 20 plus minute revenge beatdown of Max by the pissed off DJ.

We’ve seen DJ fight hard before. We’ve seen DJ fight dirty before. But we have never seen DJ fight hard and dirty, fueled by hatred and revenge.

For the nature of Max’s offense, his balls are given special attention for punishment. DJ even uses Max’s cellphone to send a special message to his ex-girlfriend, letting her know what their relationship has brought.

Eventually, Max is left lying in the middle of the ring unconscious, the result of a devastating piledriver from DJ. Max has quickly learned that going behind people’s backs don’t pay….in fact, can be very painful for all involved. It is a lesson that Max is not likely to forget any time soon. He ends up in no condition to carry on a relationship with anyone in his end condition.

Total Run-Time: 23 minutes, 43 seconds

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