Lon DuMont vs. Ty Alexander (Steel Cage)

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"I'll be honest, looking forward to do a little bit of damage to ya today." Lon confesses to Ty from the get-go.

I've known Lon since I was a teenager, but he wasn't this aggressive as a pro wrestler. It seems he's found his home in the underground wrestling scene, especially ripping apart lesser skilled, weaker jobbers. 

Today, he's got his opponent trapped within four sides of steel. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Lon knows he can pace out his assault and enjoy the opportunity I presented to him. 

It's no question that Lon has superior intelligence to most of the population. He has always been a bit of a sadist, even when he was training me as a pro wrestler and it shows even more so in this match.  Lon's satisfaction is magnified as he is the reason for Ty's pain and humiliation.

"I quit, Mr. DuMont," Ty begs. The pleasure grows. 

30 minutes of pure one-sided domination from Lonny DuMont. 

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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