Lon DuMont vs. Mike B. (From The Vault)

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FROM THE VAULT:  The FTV series presents some of your favorite W4H wrestlers early in their underground career, or early matches filmed that formed the foundation of the W4H empire.  There are few underground wrestlers who have more confidence, more trash talking ability, more willing to narrate his entire match out loud than Lon Dumont.  The story begins before his opponent has even stepped into the ring, and when he does, in the form of newbie Mike, you can bet that the Dumont monologue is going to be long and entertaining.
Not that any of the confidence (or cockiness) is misplaced.  Dumont more than backs up every word he speaks with his actions.  From the onset, Lon is all over Mike beating him down, keeping him down, and generally dishing out more punishment than anyone has a right to give out.  Mike quickly exclaims, "I give", but, not surprisingly, that does not satisfy Dumont.  Kicks to the head, to the midsection, figure four leglocks all are next on Dumonts menu and delivered in pro fashion to Mike, who crumbles again like a house of cards.
If there is one thing that Lon seems to like more than beating down his opponents, it is putting them to sleep.  and Lon does this on more than one occasion with Mike here.  Whether a traditional sleeper hold, a face to face sleeper hold or whatever the variation, Dumont seems to garner more pleasure from watching as all the energy and any resistance slowly seeps from his opponents.  As with most of Lon's opponents, Mike never really stood a chance against one of the veterans of the underground wrestling world.  A virtual 30 minute one man show monologue from Lon in this video makes it a winner!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  31 minutes, 41 seconds

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