Lon DuMont vs. Brad Barnes (A Hard Lesson Learned)

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So here it is, Brad Barnes is training for his next physique competition and is looking for an elite fitness coach. Who better to call than Lon DuMont, right? Lon agrees to meet Brad at his gym.

Lon is in contest shape, but isn't doing it for a trophy. He's challenging himself with no shiny gold reward at the end. The warm-ups are assisted and instructed by "Coach DuMont." With a wealth of fitness knowledge, Lon seems like the clear-cut choice for whipping someone into shape. NOTE: He's done it for Jonny Firestorm and myself. Lon is very old-school is hit training techniques. "Keep it simple, stupid" is one his personal montras. As Brad picks up, presses and slam down the heavy bag as commanded by Coach DuMont,

It doesn't take Lon long before he takes a cheap shot; followed by another and another. Lon has never been a fan of Brad Barnes. He secretly confided that he had been waiting for any opportunity to tear Brad apart. Lon punishes the abs by sinking his finger nails into his enemies mid-section.

The match takes a turn from gut bashing to ball busting. The pain is written all over their faces. Brad isn't going to take this lying down. He takes a cheap shot of his own and rocks Lon.

The punishment is exciting and the action is intense. Lon shows his dominance as he ends it for Brad Barnes multiple times. Finally, Lon grabs his opponent tightly in a Kiss of Death sleeper. They are chest-to-chest and soon Brad is sleeping like a baby. Salt is thrown on the wound when Lon arm-wrestles an unconscious Brad.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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