Lon DuMont & Maverick vs. Danny DeMented

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When Lon DuMont and Master Maverick lock up mid-cage, you know you’re watching two well-seasoned, well-respected wrestling stars working in perfect harmony. These guys are professionals here, and the mutual respect and sportsmanship they share is clearly defined. 

A sudden rattle of chain link disrupts their training session, a mocking laugh, and high above we see none other than handsome and huge Danny DeMented snickering heartily from mid rope. The challenge is made. Danny DeMented in a tag team partner match against Maverick and DuMont. 

“Do you even have a tag team partner?”  

DeMented has two. How much you wanna bet he’s talking about his fists? Maverick makes the obvious rude remarks about DeMented’s size, while DuMont attempts to defuse the situation, but it’s far too late. The giant helps himself to a handful of DuMont’s easily accessible hair, slamming him to the mat by way of his favorite move, simply called the “punch”! Finger-locked tests of strength become package abuse, as physically perfect Maverick finds himself elbowed, slammed, and shamed by DeMented’s smashing, crushing, squeezing torture holds, with every punishing moment feeling particularly well-deserved!

Total Run-time: 22 minutes

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