Lane Hartley vs. Markus Vachon (Gut Bash)

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"Ready to do this?" asks Lane.

"Are YOU ready to do this?" responds Markus with his eyes locked on Lane's.

It doesn't take long for the action to start. A tie-up takes them quickly to the mat. It is back-and-forth with both men gaining brief control of the other. Lane is the first to break from the wrestling exchange by delivering a sharp knee to the mid-section. This offers an opportunity for Lane to tie his opponent in the ring ropes.

Lane takes the attack to the abdominals. Claws and gut punches start the fun, but Hartley isn't one of the best heels in the business for nothing. He continues his attack with several other holds and punishing techniques.

Markus is no scrub, either. A pro wrestler based in Canada, but travels up-and-down the East Coast. He slaps a beautiful Abdominal Stretch on Lane. In peril, Hartley hip-locks his way back onto the offense. Digging his fingernails deep into the mid-section, he has Markus in control. He beats him all-over the ring. In the ropes, in the corner or on the mat, Lane is handling Markus easily. He even executes a classic over-the-shoulder gutbuster.

Lane is a wise wrestler and knows that abs are connected to the back and ribs. He doesn't just need to punish the abs from the front, but all around the body of his opponent. Lane Hartley is his typically dominating brute self in this crushing of Markus Vachon.

Total run-time: 20 minutes

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