Kowal vs. Doom Destroyer (Nude)

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The hero Kowal is patrolling the streets when he is suddenly met by the masked and mute villain, Doom Destroyer.  Clad all in black, Kowal is soon to learn that he is no match for the dastardly villain.  Suddenly finding himself in his enemy's net, Kowal finds out from the get go that Doom Destroyer has plans for him, possibly final plans.  Unable to escape or even fight back against Doom Destroyer, Kowal is wide open to our villain's punishment, which only intensifies with each passing moment.  Is there anything Kowal can do?
It does not appear so as Doom Destroyer is obviously someone who has beaten others before.  Never taking a rest, Doom Destroyer uses Kowal's cape against him, choking him out.  He delivers blow after blow to Kowal's midsection, and uses his large black boots to thrust them into Kowal's crotch.  After each bit pf punishment, Doom Destroyer takes a moment to admire his work, and also feel out what part of Kowal's body he will focus on next.  Nipple twists turn into back breakers and more.  However, we soon learn that Doom Destroyer has an even more humiliating experience for Kowal.
Slowly, Doom Destroyer begins to strip our hero of his cape, then strips him to the waist, and then finally all the way down so now our hero is completely naked.  More boots to the unclothed crotch serve to only up the pain.  Our hero can do nothing but take it all and try to live another day.  But will be able to?  Or is this the end for Kowal?  You'll have to watch to see the incredibly brutal ending.  You won't want to miss a single minute of this textbook video of how to deconstruct a hero, as only Doom Destroyer seems to be able to do.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  22 minutes, 54 seconds

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