KARN vs. Joey Nux

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Tattooed Karn is passed out in the middle of the ring. He might be catching up on sleep from a wild night or licking his wounds from a recent thrashing. Either way, Joey Nux isn't here for it. What unfolds is one of the most entertaining comic wrestling matches ever seen, featuring the wise-cracking Karn alongside the straight-laced Joey Nux.

As soon as Karn wakes up, his mouth runs non-stop, interrupted only by his own yelps of pain as Nux, growing increasingly irritated, dishes out some serious punishment.

"Yeah, yeah, I know," Karn quips when Nux confronts him. "Wrestling rings are for wrestling...not napping!" Karn goes for a headlock, but Nux easily bites his way out. Before long, Karn is hoisted like a dumbbell and slammed to the mat.

"This is my ring," Nux roars.

"Well, technically, it's the building's ring...Ah! Okay, okay, it's your ring. You're the greatest. Now get your damn foot off my stomach!"

But the real joy of this match lies in watching Nux apply sleeper hold after sleeper hold, each more devastating than the last. Karn's eyes bulge each time he's caught in Nux's powerful grip, only to slowly close as he succumbs to the hold, drifting back into unconsciousness. Just when you think Karn might stay down for good, he sputters back to life, only to be put right back to sleep by the relentless Nux.

The repetitive yet delightful sequence of sleeper holds is pure gold, showcasing Nux's dominance and Karn's resilience in a slapstick display that keeps the audience laughing and cheering. It's a cavalcade of camel clutches, strangulation holds, ab abuse, hair pulling...and of course, one brain cell-killing sleeper after another!

Total run time: 23 minutes, 32 seconds

Customer Reviews

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Jon Gricco
Nighty Nite

Awesome power exchange, muscle pumping but no match for being put to sleep .

Percy Rosenberger
sleeper holds

Karn's lost weight, Joey always looking great!

Sleeper Heaven

Love beautiful muscle getting put to sleep over and over again!! Reminded me of being young and wrestling my neighbor, and him letting me knock him out over & over again 💥💥

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