Jungle Boy vs. Silent Shadow (Nude)

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It is obviously bad enough when you find yourself on the losing end of a beating by a larger, obviously more experienced and merciless opponent.  When that opponent refuses to say a word, especially why they are doing so, makes it even worse.  Jungle Boy finds himself in this exact situation as he is merely moving about he suddenly finds he is blindsided by Silent Shadow, who takes the offensive and begins attacking him from behind, slamming him in his back, delivering a low blow and using a crow bar to devastating effect.  Throwing the dazed Jungle Boy up over his shoulders to bend him backwards, Silent Shadow shows that he will take no shortcuts and will offer no reprise from the pain.
Dumping him on the ground, Silent Shadow then does something with the crowbar that I am sure it's inventor never imagined it would be used for, but seems to fit almost perfectly when dug into Jungle Boy's groin.  Reeling in pain, Silent Shadow then exposes Jungle Boy's cock and balls, the easier to deliver pain to them, which he does by grinding his boot and grabbing them in a vise-like ball grab. 
Silent Shadow obviously has some wrestling skills as well, as he twists and turns and bends his opponent in way that show he has done this before, and places the hurting Jungle Boy in a bow and arrow driving more pain towards Jungle Boy's lower back.  More blows to Jungle Boy's midsection and a boot to his exposed groin set Jungle Boy up for Silent Shadow's finishing moves.
When it comes time for Silent Shadow to end the punishment (at least for now), Jungle Boy is totally stripped and his gear used to tie his ankles together.  Another rope is used to not only bound Jungle Boy's arms but also his cock and balls in an unusual lasso.  Not totally unable move even in the slightest, any defense (what little there was) is not lost to Jungle Boy. 
Silent Shadow throws his totally defeated opponent over his shoulders and takes him off to whatever fate awaits Jungle Boy.  There is something very satisfying when opponents trash talk each other, but there is also something mysterious and pleasing when pone opponent is silent and so devastating to their opponent that one just wonders what is going through their mind as they totally deconstruct their opponent.  A definite winner!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  23 minutes, 21 seconds

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