Jonny Firestorm vs. Mark Muscle (Hotel)

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You would think that the wrestlers in the W4H stable would know better than to try and sleep in any place populated with numerous other hungry wrestlers looking for an advantage and opportunity to beat down another person.  Jonny find Mark Muscle sleeping and although first playful with some wet willies, he soon turns to a decidedly not so playful tone including choking and claws.
Jonny doesn't waste any time though and before long Mark gets his wish and is sent back to Dreamland thanks to a tightly applied sleeper hold.  Woken by a headbutt to the crotch, the agony for Mark continues, courtesy of a expertly placed ironing board and a quite inventive use for a simple plastic cup.  Jonny works all part of the big man over, with claws on Mark's pecs and abs.  Jonny even launches himself from one bed to another to deliver a blow to the prone big man.
The outcome of this match is never truly in doubt, the delight comes in finding out exactly how Jonny will humiliate Mark next.  In the end, Firestorm uses several and varied sleeper holds to put the muscled man out, leaving him exactly where he found him, asleep on the bed.  But this time, Jonny decides that he is going to join him for a quick nap!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 24 seconds

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