Jonny Firestorm vs. Garrett Thomas

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Jonny Firestorm as "The Master" is back again, ready to show you and anyone watching exactly what he does to any wrestler who stands in his way.  Garrett Thomas is no slouch when it comes to skills within the squared circle, and yet against someone as determined and focused as Jonny is here, he stands little chance of success.  From the onset, Jonny is all over Garrett, first rolling him forward into a pain inducing move on Garrett's arms and back, and then moving to just about every other part of Garrett's impressive physique.
And Jonny spares no part.  Figure four leglocks, headlocks, and an extensive use of Jonny's "Quads of Death" are used to squeeze, twist, stretch and manipulate Garrett's body into awful shapes, each delivering its own unique set of pain.  There is nothing Garrett can say to end the punishment, he is too busy breathing heavily and trying to get much needed oxygen into his lungs before he falls unconscious from the devastating holds.  Spending the majority of the match on the mat in the clutches of Firestorm, the only time he manages to get to his feet is when Jonny drags him up for a backbreaker or entry into another punishing move.
Garrett has rarely been manhandled as completely as he is here by Firestorm.  Jonny gives a running monologue to the camera, explaining how each distinct move furthers his goal of teaching his opponent who is "the Master" and warning the figure behind the lens that he is coming for him next.  If Garrett's fate awaits the person on the opposite side of the camera, I fear for their safety and only hope they will have enough sense to not get into the ring with such a sick and demented Firestorm!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  19 minutes, 25 seconds

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