Joey Nux vs. Jaxton Wheeler (Nude)

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Two of the hottest, beefiest bros brawl completely naked. That’s right, muscular stud Joey Nux ties up with bearded powerhouse Jaxton Wheeler in a 100% naked fight to the finish. Bare feet circle and bare chests collide as big, manly cocks bob and sway in a hypnotic display of aggression, tension, and fully exposed rage.

Bask in the smooth skin, shining muscles, and faces taught with pain and shame, as again and again these men are left exposed for the camera to explore in exquisite intimacy hairy balls, bare asses, clenched feet, and the titillating relationship between the bodies of these two gladiator statues brought to life. From the gasp inducing initial lockup to the heart-pounding final victory pose, these cavemen don’t utter even one single word, expressing their dominance and submissiveness through a series of gruff grunts and groans that only add to the mind-blowing eroticism of this buck-naked battle replete with bearhugs, choking, and yes...brutal ball busting with not even a scrap of lycra to come between clenched fists and bare balls!

There may be no greater male bonding experience in the world than naked wrestling. Harkening back to the days of the ancient Greeks, it’s as much a testament of brotherhood and trust as it is a fight for ultimate supremacy.

Total Run-time: 19 minutes 06 seconds

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