Joey Nux vs. Ethan Andrews (Nude)

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Check out JoeyNux’s stance, all biceps and massive back muscles. A man is only as impressive as his stance...but a man’s stance is so easily compromised when cocks and balls are fair game. Enter the Prince of Darkness himself, fan favorite and erotic wrestling star EthanAndrews, to bash the bigger man’s balls so hard, he may never recover. Andrewstwists, tangles, and terrorizes Nuxlike a boss, cranking his bigger biceps and clenching his neck so hard he’s covered in sweat within seconds.

There’s something so satisfying about watching a spry little weasel of a fighter beat, batter, and best a bigger brawler. But this is W4HMAX...and a good beating isn’t enough for a nasty fighter like Andrews. His opponent has to be humiliated in sick, serious, and deeply sensual ways. Off come the speedos, leaving powerfully built Nuxfully exposed. That’s right! Balls, butt, and cock are on full display, intimately captured on camera as Andrewstakes a graphic handful and squeezes like a maniac!

Nux’s bare ass is spanked hard, his balls are crushed by boots and fists...until Andrewshas to join in the naked fun. The bruiser bro rips off his own speedos, and continues the brutal beating with his own swinging cum-cannon on display. Andrewsswing like cock like a wrecking ball as he punches, pounds, and pounces on poor Nux...and the match isn’t even halfway over yet...

Total Run-time: 29 minutes, 38 seconds

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