Jobe Zander vs. Tyler Royce (Knocked Out)

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Tyler Royce struts around the small ring, those massive pectorals casting shadows. He’s got all the youthful glow of the captain of the football team right before homecoming. Who better to beat and batter him around the ring than veteran punisher Jobe Zander. 

Zander is looking great, leaner and stronger than ever before. That pendulous protuberance in his pouch could wipe out a city block, but Zander chooses to use those fists of fire to pound, punch, and pummel some serious punishment into the sweet-faced lad. Royce cowers, cringes, and shudders in Zander’s grasp, a constant loser in a game he’ll never win. 

Zander circles the fallen hero, lingering in front of our camera so we get a prime seat to the show that is his firm ass. It must be foreshadowing, because in seconds Zander uses that ass to Boston crab the hell out of Royce. 

Will Royce find the fight inside, or will Zander sleeper this pretty punk into eternal humiliation?

Total Run-time: 31 minutes

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