Jet Wave vs. Monochrome Mischief

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Sometimes villains prevail in spite of themselves.  Monochrome Mischief, a dastardly duo of crime perpetrators are trying to sneak up on Jet Wave.  "Trying' being the operative word.  You see, the pair is not all that good at crime, or sneaking up on people.  What are they good at?  Laughing.  Being impressed with their own work.  Oh, and they do know how to deliver a double dose of punishment to an overpowered superhero.  When they finally set up Jet Wave, Monochrome Mischief is able to not only trap and hold Jet Wave, they also manage to drug him with a chloroform rag that one of pair just happens to have in his pair or wrestling.  At least I think it was the chloroform, and not the stench of whatever was in the trunks.
Jet Wave is used and abused in various ways by the evildoers.  Forced to endure a spanking with some padded paddles, strung up in a boxing training apparatus and given ab and ball claws, the perverted minds of Monochrome Mischief reach for more and more humiliating ways to let our hero know that he has been bested, not only physically, but mentally and psychologically as well.  Stripped of his outer costume, eventually Jet Wave is left wearing only a tiny white speedo.
I would be remiss if I didn't mention that in this video we have the introduction of a large dildo that is used in various and sundry ways.  And this is not a passing usage, it figures into a large part of the humiliation of Jet Wave.  The villains find new and inventive ways to use the dildo on Jet Wave and in the end, it is left inserted into Jet Wave's speedo, but not before it finds its way embarrassing Jet Wave like we have seldom seen in any Hero Hunks video.  A truly unique, devastating, sometimes silly, but thoroughly enjoyable entry into the Hero Hunks video library! 
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  19 minutes, 56 seconds

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