Jaxton Wheeler vs. Gabe Steele (Nude)

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Humiliation. At the heart of every erotic wrestling rivalry, there’s a driving need to humiliate your opponent, drive him into the floor, and make him feel ashamed for every messing with you. Powerhouse Jaxton Wheeler and bronze god GabeSteelshare just such a rivalry. Each man is a paragon of beefy strength and erotic sensuality that simmers on the edge of every move and hold. Jealousy and mutual attraction color their bouts, and they sink their teeth into each other with groans of deep satisfaction and raw rage.

Headlocks, sleepers, chokes, and pec claws keep these boots and speedos wearing studs busy, until Steelfeels a shift in the dynamic of the fight after making Wheeler pass out. Now Steelhas a purpose, to get Wheeler in the single most humiliating sleeper imaginable...one that leaves his dick exposed for all to see! Steelrips off an unconscious Wheeler’s speedos, leaving the tattooed gladiator’s manhood completely exposed, his flaccid cock and balls bouncing pathetically as he eats his own speedo. He gives...quits...moans to stop...but Steelis having too much fun with his naked chew-toy. Finally Steelexacts his most humiliating punishment of all.

“You’re gonna choke that fuckin’ cock, and you gotta cum before you pass out...just remember the fuckin rules, boy. You pass out, we start over again. You’re gonna give me what I WANT!”

Steelclamps his sweaty, muscular arms around Wheeler’s neck and watches in sadistic glee as the big man jacks his massive, meaty fuckrod until Steelgets the hot, frothy cum shot he wants!

Total Run-time: 25 minutes, 32 seconds

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Great KO Video

No one does the KO scene better than Jaxton. The facial expression and the snoring sound effect are spot on.

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