Ethan Andrews vs. Logan Aarons (Nude)

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It seems as though Ethan Andrew's suitcase is missing.  He comes into the scene as Logan is posing, asking him where his suitcase is.  Logan claims to have no clue, although his suitcase seems to be present.  Things get a little tense and the pair start to go at one another in their frustration.  Both clad in very small thongs, the duo fill out their thongs quite nicely and the pair go back and forth trading moves, putting their opponent in arms bars, headlocks and scissor holds, while the other can do little but start to breathe heavily.
Ethan decides he has had enough and since he has no other clothes, he needs to help himself to some of Logan's.  The only problem?  The single piece of clothing that Logan has at this moment is his thong, so Ethan helps himself to it and strips the prone Logan of his fire print thong.  Not to be outdone, Logan is soon in control and has Ethan down and returns the favor by stripping Ethan of his green thong.  Now, like two ancient Greco-Roman wrestlers the pair, dripping in sweat, go toe to toe swapping power moves of bearhugs and armlocks.
One wrestler finally is able to get a submission from his opponent and the victor is determined.  Not satisfied with that, the winner then puts his defeated opponent into a sleeper hold to inject the final humiliation.  If you are interested in two hot guys going at each other mano-a-mano with all of their glorious manhood out in the open, then this match will be for you.  Although this is Logan's first appearance in W4H, he certainly makes a big splash and displays every inch of his muscular toned body.  You will not be disappointed!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  19 minutes, 36 seconds

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