Elite Eliot vs. Garrett Thomas (Pros Up-Close)

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Elite Eliot might not be up to Garrett Thomas’ level when it comes to experience or size, but he sure as hell is a match for him in attitude, aggression, and energy. Thomas sees if from a mile away, thundering into the ring to shove Eliot into a place of fear. Eliot answers back by ploughing into the Boss Hog with no hesitation. It’s on! 

Eliot is at his best here, using every bit of strength he has to give Thomas as much as he gets. Even Thomas’ trademark trash talk doesn’t rattle Eliot, who doesn’t let the bigger dude finish half the things he say. Eliot finds himself ground into the floor, his tight abs open for some serious punishment. Thomas wrenches his head into positions that would send most looking for the ice pack, but Eliot wriggles free and fights back with fury. 

Finally, a fighter who can tangle with Thomas in the pro style, leaping and bounding through the air with tremendous athleticism. Sit back, relax, and watch an experienced pro slowly and deftly wear down a worthy opponent, using all the moves in his arsenal. There is a definite winner here, and that win is definitely earned one move at a time against a wrestler who simply never gives up until he is completely and utterly weak. It’s experience vs. raw talent.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes, 37 seconds

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