Desert Owl vs. Apex Power (Nude)

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What is a villain to do when a hero is literally served up to them?  Already bound in the corner, Desert Owl squirms but is unable to get out of his restraints.  Enter Apex Power, a huge mountain of a villain, who begins by twisting the bound hero's nipples and delivering a couple of low blows to the already weakened hero.  Although he does eventually untie the hero, if Desert Owl thought that his punishment was at an end he is quickly relieved of that thought as Apex Power's agenda of pain has just begun.  More nipple twists and ball grabs follow, leaving our hero screaming in pain.
A fireman's carry precedes the beginning of Desert Owl's humiliation as he is stripped of his trunks, left in only a small blue thong.  More ball grabs before even the thong is removed and Apex Power unleashes his true power...psychic manipulation.  Forcing Desert Owl to twist his own nipples just by commanding him to do so, it becomes increasingly apparent that any self-will Desert Owl is about to be assaulted, broken down, and then obliterated at Apex Power's whim.  Apex Power forces Desert Owl to remove his trunks and then the true fun for Apex Power begins.
Forcing his captive hero to stroke himself, Apex Power delights in how easily he controls Desert Owl.  In between his sadistic laughing, Apex Power switches between stroking himself and twisting his nipples, as each action is then mirrored by the unable to resist Desert Owl.  More chokes, boots to the chest and power moves keep our hero down on the mat, until the final move, a crushing move where Apex Power uses his huge hands and forearms and just squeezes the head of our hero until he falls into unconsciousness.  A great example of a hero being totally dominated by a sadistic villain!
TOTAL RUN-TIME: 23 minutes, 45 seconds

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True gay fantasy wrestling

I would eagerly second J DeMasiado's suggestions that W4H and HeroHunks produce more matches that lead to nude wrestling...and, I'd add, sex. That, after all, is what gay fantasy wrestling is all about...the fantasies that the pro-wrestlers can never bring to life. This was a super erotic match. I thought, at first, that Apex Power might be Guido Genatto, but I realised that wasn't the case. A turn on watching one strip the traunks off the other wrestler. Both were telegraphing lots of sexual energies. More of these matches...and don't forget to consider some nude oil matches. And don't forget to get Braden Charron, Drew Harper, Travis Maverick, Joey Nux, Jaxton Wheeler to do some oil nude matches. This match is a great way to begin a new series.


Let's give credit to Desert Owl in playing the role of an aroused victim to the power of seduction. He has experienced both a crushing defeat and euphoric victory! I also want to give credit to the cameraman for a steady hand and the close up shots of Desert Owl on FULL display. I hope that our positive reviews of this type of match (with full nudity and hard cock(s) will warrant a new category (erotic wrestling) and more videos like this in the near future. Cameron you have opened pandora's box just go with the flow. You have the team who will play this game: Victims - Ricky Roman, Forrest Taylor, Max Ryder, Ethan Andrews and may be Pablo Pecs. Dominators - Tristan, Byers, Maniacal, Steel and Apex. The next video should be a rematch with Ricky Roman and Tristan. I was a little disappointed that Tristan did not give Ricky a full welcoming initiation by removing his trunks; since Ricky was so happy to strut his stuff and physically say look at me; I know you want me! Over all it was an excellent video!


Wow...just, WOW. Whether he's wrestling under the name Rip Ravage, Tank, or Apex Power...this man is an absolute revelation. Massive, brutal, and powerful beyond belief, this rampaging and sadistic beast takes no prisoners when it comes to dominating and destroying his overwhelmed opponents. This match is no exception, as he uses his mind control abilities (a nice and creative super villainous touch!) as well as his sheer BRUTE ALPHA MUSCLE FORCE to cruelly torment and ultimately demolish his helpless victim. Apex Power is literally a force of nature, I would love to see him team up with HH's other resident super villain legend Dr. Maniacal to ruthlessly massacre the entire roster of heroes on this site and leave them in a motionless heap as they flex in victory over the carnage! "EVIL ALWAYS PREVAILS!" This wicked quote from Apex Power is instantly immortal, he is an eloquent monster indeed! MORE APEX POWER/RIP RAVAGE/TANK...PLEASE!!!


Wow what an outstanding display of strength and power by apex! Please include him in more videos!

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