Desert Owl vs. Apex Power (Nude)

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What is a villain to do when a hero is literally served up to them?  Already bound in the corner, Desert Owl squirms but is unable to get out of his restraints.  Enter Apex Power, a huge mountain of a villain, who begins by twisting the bound hero's nipples and delivering a couple of low blows to the already weakened hero.  Although he does eventually untie the hero, if Desert Owl thought that his punishment was at an end he is quickly relieved of that thought as Apex Power's agenda of pain has just begun.  More nipple twists and ball grabs follow, leaving our hero screaming in pain.
A fireman's carry precedes the beginning of Desert Owl's humiliation as he is stripped of his trunks, left in only a small blue thong.  More ball grabs before even the thong is removed and Apex Power unleashes his true power...psychic manipulation.  Forcing Desert Owl to twist his own nipples just by commanding him to do so, it becomes increasingly apparent that any self-will Desert Owl is about to be assaulted, broken down, and then obliterated at Apex Power's whim.  Apex Power forces Desert Owl to remove his trunks and then the true fun for Apex Power begins.
Forcing his captive hero to stroke himself, Apex Power delights in how easily he controls Desert Owl.  In between his sadistic laughing, Apex Power switches between stroking himself and twisting his nipples, as each action is then mirrored by the unable to resist Desert Owl.  More chokes, boots to the chest and power moves keep our hero down on the mat, until the final move, a crushing move where Apex Power uses his huge hands and forearms and just squeezes the head of our hero until he falls into unconsciousness.  A great example of a hero being totally dominated by a sadistic villain!
TOTAL RUN-TIME: 23 minutes, 45 seconds

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