Dashing Dustin vs. Seth Borden (Mat Rats)

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This is EASILY one of the sexiest matches filmed. Dustin and Seth have both been combing their way through some of the biggest, baddest, roughest heels on our roster. Separately they’ve stood up to more abuse than most dudes face in an entire career. As they’re ascended, they’ve tapped into their own sadistic wrestling styles. To look at either one of these dudes, you wouldn’t think mean, nasty heels reside in those pale, slim, lanky bodies, or those boyish faces. Well, seven seconds into this video, you’ll see the beasts come out to play, in what has the be one of the most explosive, catty, evenly-matches battles of all time. Two pale, slender jobbers challenged to rip into each other. Neither one wants to be the others bitch. Look out, the fur’s about to fly!

Watching the initial lockup is like watching a pair of identical clones dig into each other. With painful moans and desperate sighs of fury and rage, they clatter to the floor, rolling and raging and using those seemingly endless arms and and legs like ropes for binding and winding. Seth attempts to crush Dustin’s windpipe, while Dustin throws his weight on his opponent and laces his legs around his crotch.

When they fall apart from one another, it’s with complete exhaustion. These dudes are clearly each others perfect match. Seth grinds his hips into Dustin, riding his crotch with powerful mastery.

“Tap!” he cries. But Dustin rarely gives in to pain or discomfort. If anything, it drives him on harder. Dustin camels Seth, wrenching his arms back and pulling his mop of pale hair with well-executed aggression. Soon both boys are locked in each others legs, rolling and tumbling so tightly it’s nearly impossible to tell one long, lean body from the other.

And then, as if a sudden inspiration strikes them at once, they launch into the hottest, longest, most wicked ball smothering, face sitting, crotch gagging torture session of all. Hot. Brutal. Dudes fighting for their honor. Complete with a nasty, ball smothering final pin with a raging ten count, this one will leave you as breathless as these brutal beasts. You'll never forget the first time you saw these two new lifelong rivals clash!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 20 seconds

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