Dash vs. Nick Justice

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Dash has been left hogtied and is squirming and begging for help. In walks the fiendish Nick Justice. Some believe Nick needs to be in a mental institution. This guy is definitely in left field somewhere. Nick does his trash-talking, but then gives Dash a tittie-twister that would make a grown man cry. He follows it up with a double tittie-twister. He tells Dash that he has something up his sleeve. We’ll be damned if he didn’t literally have something up his sleeve; a pair of pliers. As if it isn’t weird enough that he twists Dash’s nipple with them, he then twists his own. Nick tells Dash that he also has something in his boot, then pulls out a fork and jabs it into Dash’s head. This reminds us of Abdullah the Butcher. He pokes Dash’s back with the fork, then uses it on his own chest. This guy is freaking nuts. 

Nick begins putting Dash in wrestling holds. We might be impressed with this if Dash wasn’t hogtied. He does finally untie Dash’s hands, but immediately chokes him with it. Dash is able to break the hold with a cheap shot to Nick’s balls. Nick laughs it off and returns the favor. Nick completely unties Dash, lets him up, then turns his back and gives Dash a free shot. Dash wasn’t able to accomplish anything and ends up in a full nelson. Nick brings out a new dirty tactic and bites Dash’s fingers. 

Dash has no chance in this match. Nick is as fiendish as they come and uses every underhanded trick he knows to hurt and humiliate our Super Hero. Speaking of humiliation, Dash has Nick’s sweaty and nasty arm pit in his face for the final pin. After the three-count, Nick lets out his devilish laugh and claims Dash’s soul to be his. We feel sorry for anyone who steps on the mats or in the ring with this lunatic. It’s obvious that he’s mentally unstable, yet the boss still allows him to wrestle at W4H. It’s bad enough that he wrestled a man who was hogtied, but when he used pliers and a fork, he went way too far. Claiming Dash’s soul went even further. 

Ttotal Run-Time: 18 minutes, 28 seconds

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