Dark Detective vs. Vengeance

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Vengeance (Brute Baynard) fantasizes about reducing The Dark Detective to his weakest physical and psychological state. With every weight he lifts, every muscle her perfects, he dreams of seeing The Dark Detective beaten and brutalized until he’d literally begging for mercy, paving the way for Vengeance to establish himself as the new ruler of Gotham’s criminal underworld. Watch as the camera zooms in on Vengeance’s powerful biceps, pronounced pecs, and sweat-strewn back...like the panes of a perfectly inked comic book.

Enter The Dark Detective (Braden Charron), in sleek grey, black, and yellow...his abdominals held tight, his manor cool and aloof.

“This is going to get really reckless if you don’t leave,” hisses the Detective, clamping the superior specimen in his tightest hold.

“You know I’m more powerful than you,” roars Vengeance, before taking a bat-kick to the abs. The two men twist, tear, curse, and crush one-another like ageless enemies, neither one willing to relinquish control. Sweaty, hairy bare skin rubs against lycra in a methodically-paced gladiatorial battle, replete with bearhugs, bodyslams, and backbreakers.

Will we get the legendary moment when Vengeance raises The Dark Detective up and breaks him over one knee, making him the only man to have “Broken the Bat,” or will The Dark Detective rise up and destroy Vengeance?

Total Run-time: 18 minutes, 26 seconds

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One of my biggest fantasies come to wrestling world. Couldn't have asked for two better wrestler to play the part either. Great match. Loved it!

John-Paul Riley

Amazing. More like this please!

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