Dark Detective vs. Detective Lad (Nude)

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In a bustling metropolis, Dark Detective, clad in shadows of mystery, was the epitome of justice. With his keen intellect and relentless determination, he had spent years putting criminals behind bars, ensuring the safety of the citizens. His sidekick, Detective Lad, was a young and eager hero, always ready to stand by his mentor's side in the fight against crime.

But lately, a shadow loomed over justice. The city commissioner's leniency towards criminals had Dark Detective seething with frustration and anger. Despite his tireless efforts, it seemed like his work was all for nothing as the villains he apprehended walked free, their sinister grins mocking his sense of justice.

One night, as Dark Detective paced the dimly-lit confines of their headquarters, Detective Lad approached him, concern etched on his youthful face.

"Dark Detective, you need to calm down," Detective Lad said, his voice steady but tinged with worry. "Getting worked up like this won't help anyone."

But Dark Detective's temper flared, and he snapped at his sidekick, his frustration boiling over. "Shut your mouth, Lad! You don't understand what it's like to see these criminals slip through the cracks, to watch them roam the streets freely while we struggle to uphold the law."

Detective Lad recoiled, hope flashing in his eyes. He had always looked up to Dark Detective, admired his unwavering dedication to justice. But seeing his mentor like this, consumed by anger and despair, was disheartening.

Dark Detective's frustration soon took a darker turn. In his moment of rage, he began to lash out at Detective Lad, his blows fueled by his pent-up emotions. As the altercation escalated, Detective Lad found himself pinned against the wall, the weight of Dark Detective's anger bearing down on him.

Dark Detective is relentless against his protege. He begins to get aroused at this man-handling of the younger hero. The action is spread all over the heroes headquarters and turns into a more sexual experience between the two with Detective Lad tasting the long dong of the law!

Amidst the chaos, something shifted. Dark Detective's relentless assault was replaced by a different kind of intensity...and a little relief at being serviced by his cohort!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 23 minutes, 27 seconds

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Robert Eichenberg
Dark Detective vs. Detective Lad

Detective lad is the best side kick ever. Hot and horny he would make a great victim of every bad guy in the Hero's universe.

Andy Trevisan
One of the BEST!

I've already had the opportunity to comment that I really go CRAZY when a fighter humiliates the other through various wedgies, nipple plays, etc... The exposure of the other fighter's ass, the squeezing of the opponent's nipples and balls, and the consequent PAIN of the submissive is something that enhances the battle and this reveals the Power over the other in a forceful way.

When a young, handsome, strong superhero with a sculpted body is subjugated by a villain or another stronger hero. and, in addition, he is sexually possessed by him, making the clash even hotter and stronger.

This is one of the videos in my "BEST WRESTLER4HIRE" collection. Thanks for it!

Andy Trevisan

Já tive a oportunidade de comentar que eu fico realmente LOUCO quando um lutador humilha o outro através de vários wedgies, nipples play etc... A exposição da bunda do outro lutador, o aperto dos mamilos e das bolas do oponente, e a consequente DOR do submisso é algo que engrandece a batalha e isto revela o Poder sobre o outro de forma contundente.

Quando um jovem super-herói, bonito, forte, um corpo escultural é subjugado por um vilão ou por outro herói mais forte. e, ainda, é possuído por ele sexualmente, deixa o embate ainda mais quente e forte.

Esse é um dos vídeos que está na minha coleção dos "MELHORES WRESTLER4HIRE". Obrigado por ele!

Steve Scuderi

Love seeing a barefoot dude in trouble.

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