Dante Bello vs. Igor (Bro Battle)

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Bro Battle fans haven’t seen a lot of Dante Bello and Igor as they are new to the Bro Battle house, so the two begin by stretching and posing for the cameras, giving viewers a look at their incredible hard tattooed bodies. Quickly they lock up though and the action begins on the mat. Dante clearly has the height advantage over Igor, something he takes advantage of right off the bat.

All things are equal when the two are both on the mat though and Igor is on top of Dante stretching his legs and causing the big man pain. Back and forth the two go looking for any opening to bring the other down and get the pinfall. Full nelsons, reverse bearhugs, and tests of strength are all employed. At times the action moves from the mat to a nearby couch, with each combatant looking for a decided advantage.

They may both be new to the Bro Battle scene, but they each understand that the best way to a victory is to put their opponent out. A final submission is achieved just as one of these studs is mere moments away from losing consciousness. A firm victory for one of these newbies may be just what the doctor order to propel one of them to an outstanding Bro Battle career!

Total Run-Time: 20 minute, 21 seconds

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