Crimson vs. Scrappy

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What starts as Trev Thor showing Crimson some moves in the ring, particularly a reverse bearhug that he then morphs into a nipple twist, is soon interrupted by Scrappy who tells Trev to get out of the ring, that he can't believe they have been in there an hour and that is all they have done.  When Scrappy asks Crimson to show him what he has learned, Crimson quickly displays his new skill but Scrappy is unimpressed.  As Crimson asks Scrappy if he can teach him anything, Scrappy is offended that he even has to ask that, and that two, he doesn't seem to appreciate Scrappy's skill in the squared circle.
Although Scrappy has years and years experience over Crimson, the one thing that will always be his Achilles heel is his size.  Against most opponents, Scrappy gives up a considerable height and weight advantage, and the same is true here.  Crimson, though a newbie, uses his larger frame to his advantage to turn the tables on Scrappy throughout the bout, keeping Scrappy on the mat or throwing him over his shoulder when Scrappy has applied a side headlock.  In the end, experience wins the day, and Scrappy is able to once more gain the advantage.
There are few people Scrappy has not faced in the underground wrestling scene, and to him, this is just another notch on his belt.  Showing his entire arsenal against the big man, Scrappy uses his impressive arms, chest and legs to subdue Crimson through the mat.  From a body scissor on the mat, to a head scissor applied from above while Crimson is standing in the corner, resulting in Crimson going to sleep, Scrappy reminds Crimson that if you come against the cream of the crop in the Wrestler4Hire stable, you better bring your A-game or you are going down.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 34 seconds

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