Crimson Fury vs. Tsunami

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Crimson Fury reclines, as all superheroes do, in only a speedo, mask, and boots. His powerful muscles and lightly hairy chest relax as he dives into the pages of a book...never mind that he doesn’t appear to know how books work...perhaps simply holding it is enough for a hero tired from a day's work. Enter the one and only Tsunami, reminiscent of a sexy bumblebee in yellow and black, and armed with a chloroform stinger!

Crimson Fury struggles, his package noticeably visible through his trademarked red speedos as his muscular legs kick with resistance. Tsunami’s own powerful thighs enclose Crimson Fury’s body, before he is unmasked and forced to the floor, his throat clamped hard within Tsunami’s forearm. Soon he’ll be good and relaxed...

Abs are clawed, arms are twisted, heads are thrown back in silent cries of pain. Balls are crushed and grinded with booted feet. Heads are crushed between thighs. Two men tangle and twist, but only one walks out. Looks like Crimson Fury may never reach the end of that book…

Total Run-Time: 20 minutes, 39 seconds

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