Crimson Fury vs. Baron Badcock

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“Can’t take 90 pounds?!” laughs minuscule Baron Badcock. This tenacious, but tiny titan lords over his much bigger opponents with rippling muscles and a package that casts a sizable shadow considering his short stature. Nothing scares this little dude, not even the gigantic and flawlessly built Crimson Fury with his swollen pecs, ass, and biceps.

"Why don’t you pick on someone your own size,” chokes Crimson Fury, his hairy body struggling against Baron. Fury responds by brutally cranking Badcock’s pecs. Badcock busts Fury’s balls, then puts the lock on his neck, leaving the bigger man exposed with hairy legs wide apart...offering a priceless view for the camera of tight thigh muscles and his own powerful package. 

A test of strength proves tiny Badcock can hold his own, as both men tumble to the mats in a rolling, wild exchange of curses, threats, and throws. Pecs are gripped, groped, and nearly ripped off time and time again, and sexy thongs are used as instruments of torture. It’s a ball busting, hair pulling, muscle displaying battle of big vs. little with an epic and unforgettable sleeper finish. 

Total Run-Time: 23 minutes, 37 seconds

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