Commander Storm vs. Cadet Nebulime

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Cadet Nubelime has found the armory of Commander Storm and is surveying the stunning array of weapons the Commander possesses.  Artillery of every kind is neatly hung up on the wall, and Cadet takes some time to inspect as many as he can.  As he has his back turned, he suddenly finds a chloroform soaked rag shoved into his face and he slowly loses consciousness, falling to the floor.  When he awakens, he finds himself at the mercy of Commander Storm himself, who is none too pleased that Cadet has managed to not only breach his compound, but gain entrance to the armory itself, and the Commander demands answers, most importantly, who sent Cadet Nubelime on this mission?  He soon finds that Cadet is unwilling to give up the mastermind, and so Commander Storm goes about doing whatever he needs to do to extract the information.
Which begins with Commander bending Cadet backwards almost to the breaking point.  This is just the start of what Commander has in store for Cadet Numbelime and soon the Cadet finds himself sitting in a chair fully exposed to the Commander and whatever evil plans he has for him.  Commander Storm has a new plan however, alternate painful and pleasurable experiences on Cadet and see if that breaks his will and gets the info he wants.  He begins by noticing the rather large bulge in Cadet's lime green speedo.  Rubbing it until it virtually bursts out of his speedo, Cadet is obviously enjoying this part of his interrogation immensely.  When Commander asks, "Who sent you?" and Cadet doesn't give up the goods, Commander then begins to use Cadet's cape for some punishment.  But that quickly turns to seduction as the Commander gets right in the face of Cadet Nubelime and before long, the two are engaged in a seductive liplock that has Cadet's eyes rolling to the back of his head.
More seduction as Commander pays some gentle attention to Cadet's nipples, abdomen and, oh yes, that ever growing bulge.  Kissing Cadet's engorged member through the speedo and even using his hand down the front of Cadet's costume leaves Cadet experiencing pleasure like he has never known and before long he can take no more, as Commander has him, still bound to his chair, on his back on the floor, sucking on Commander's thumb and forefinger in anticipation of what else may be inserted soon.  When Cadet is now fully aroused and all of defenses have been removed, Commander asks one final time, "Who sent you?".  "The Supreme Commander" is Cadet's answer and without a hesitation, Commander Storm exits to determine his next move, leaving Cadet still laying on the floor.  If you love some interrogation with a mixture of pain and pleasure (mostly pleasure), then I guarantee that this video will leave you in much the same state as Cadet Nebulime!  
Total running time:  25 minutes, 29 seconds

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