Colin Havok vs. Garrett Thomas (Pros Up-Close)

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Colin Havok. He’s pretty, offering up a solo warm up in wrestling shoes and kick pads. Enter Garrett Thomas. He’s gonna bury this dude with moves, words, and will. These guys crash together, and for a split second you can almost believe mild-mannered Havok might have a chance. Thomas goes easy on him when it is instantly clear Havok is outmatched, despite his constant insistence that he has speed in his corner. 

Havok returns the favor by shoving the Boss Hog like a schoolyard bully. Wrong choice. The wolf crushes Havok’s windpipe, making that pretty face wince in pain. Thomas finds himself pressed firmly between Havok’s thighs, rolled around the mat in kicking resistance. Again, wrong choice. 

It’s a long, painful, punishing, pummeling war, leading to a sweaty double chicken wing that has Havok trying to tap out with his head. Thomas brings the killer instinct that has kept him at the top of his game, but it’s not a total squash job. There’s a glimmer in Havok’s eager eyes that speaks volumes of the notes he’s taking from bosses like Thomas.

Total Run-Time: 21 minutes, 50 seconds

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